How First Responders Can Use Convene
by Dan Turner

How Convene Communities Can Be Used by First Responders

I’m going to share my vision of how First Responders can harness and utilize the powerful platform that is Convene. Personally, I am a retired flight nurse from a team of 40+ members—so I’ll be explaining how I see it through a large team perspective. First, we constantly had updates and announcements to share with everyone regarding treatment protocol changes, landing zone hazards, scheduling issues, and required continuing education. When I was flying, all we had was email and facilitating all of those communications was not always an easy way to communicate with 40+ type A personalities. Let’s look at how Convene could help us be more effective with our team’s communications.

Convene has many ways to effectively Connect, Communicate Collaborate and Train Your Unit

1. Updates & Announcements:

Example- The monthly staff meeting is changed to September 30th at 6 pm or the September safety committee meeting is cancelled.

2. Landing Zone Hazards (Safety Issues): Use the Group Discussion Board

This is probably the most important information for your team. Being able to communicate to all crews that “Mercy Hospital has newly-run power lines on the north side of its helipad” could mean life or death to your team.

3. Schedule Needs:

“I have two open shifts in December: the 24th and the 31st. Holiday pay will be paid for both days.”

4. Continuing education: Convene is a complete training platform offering unlimited syllabi, testing, surveys, completion certificates, reporting and more.

This is one feature that I happen to know a lot about. When there are treatment protocol changes that need to be taught and tested using a quiz, Convene can do that. To see my free examples of continuing education, click HERE.

As you can see, Convene can really improve your team’s effectiveness in communication. Bring your team together today, using Convene Communities.

Training Platforms can be cost prohibitive for First Responders- Convene allows you to have the most robust training platform for only $9.99 a month (Private Membership). That is less than $120 a year to train everyone in your county!!

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