My Method of Re-sizing Images
by Dan Turner

My paternal grandfather was a salty, old sea dog sailor for the U.S. Navy during WWII. Little to say, he had a colorful way of saying things. One of my favorite “Grandpa-sayings” was “Boy, I’m screwing this cat—if you’re lucky, I’ll give you a kitten.” Well leadership peeps, consider me about to give you a kitten. 😜

My method of screwing this cat is executed by using the iPhone app, “Image Size.” (top image above)

Next (middle image above), you’ll see a window with two input windows for the size you want the image resized to. Since Convene asks for a minimum of 300x300, I enter 400x400 to give myself a little room to play with. Once you have your size set, click the square icon at the top left corner to select your image from your photo library. Once it’s loaded in the window, you simply click the “Downward arrow” in the bottom left hand corner to save it to your phone’s photo library. The bottom image shows the final appearance of the process.  And there’s your kitten—I hope this helps!

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