RTS Difficult Airway
by Matthew Currin

You are part of a CCT crew that has been called to transport a patient to Mission Hospital.  The crew makeup is one CCEMTP, one Paramedic, and one EMT. The crew has not worked together before but knows one another from around the station. The CCEMTP has recently been cleared to work independently. The Paramedic has 911 experience and less than a year working with CCT. The EMT has limited experience.

Environment: PACU in Angel Hospital. Franklin, NC. 18:00 on a Friday in December. Weather: It has been raining and overcast all day.

Resources: HEMS is down for weather. Your equipment on the CCT ambulance: Newport ventilator, RSI supplies, Video laryngoscope. Zoll monitor. Arterial line place prior to operation. Suction Equipment in PACU is scattered and their staff is having difficulty locating airway supplies. PACU staff, one RN.

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