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Convene First Responders is a web-based community where those who are passionate about being first on the scene to help others when they need it most can interact with one another. This community will provide a platform for shared learning, allowing firefighters, EMT's, paramedics, and police offers from all departments to share their own experiences and learn from the others. We hope to build an outlet for peer support to know you are never alone.

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Matthew Currin- Crew Resource Management
Matthew Currin is a retired Marine Corps pilot with 5 1/2 years of Helicopter EMS flight experience. During this time he flew 650+ patient flights. He has taught Crew Resource Management for 18 years.
Matthew Currin
SOARescue prides itself on providing world class training and equipment to providers of tactical medicine nationwide. The dynamic environment that first responders operate in, requires tools and knowledge to match the changes. SOARescue employs subject matter experienced educators and equipment solution experts.
Andrew Rowley
FlightBridgeED, Inc. is a medical education company that specializes in providing pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency medicine education for healthcare professionals of all types.
Eric Bauer
CEs with Dan Turner
A place where nurses, medics, respiratory therapists, air medical teams and aspiring flight nurses and medics can share knowledge to keep us performing at our best. I have 3 free experiences to give you an idea of what my 20, 10, 6, & 2 CE hours content is like. To see the free experiences, click on “EXPERIENCES.” Also, in “EXPERIENCES,” you will find a link to purchase my book about my career, titled, “Flight Medicine: the Pursuit of Excellence (2nd Edition) and my children’s book, titled “Helicopter Flight Nurse Dan the Man.” To see the pay-for CE bundle content, click on “SUBGROUPS.” Thanks for joining!
Dan Turner
Meducation Specialists
Meducation Specialists is a world leader in critical care education and training. Led by Charles Swearingen, they have trained thousands of students around the world, and are happy to welcome you to their group.
Charles Swearingen
"Goodnight" - Children's Book Series by Ali Arbuckle
The "Goodnight Book Series" is an amazing way to teach children (and help adults explain) difficult or unusual experience in the emergency response field. Currently, "Goodnight Ambulance" is the only book published. "Goodnight Officer" will be released later this year. I have a goal of "Goodnight Soldier" and "Goodnight Marine" next year. The last two will have a major focus on dealing with PTSD after deployment and how families can look for symptoms and help our soldiers after they come home. Thank you for your continued support!
Ali Arbuckle
The Paramedic Apprentices
Hello, Paramedic Apprentices! In paramedic school and feeling overwhelmed? Of course you do. If you are not, then either you aren't trying enough or you soon will be overwhelmed. This group exists to help answer questions for students to be able to re-visit and review the content. Ready to jump in? Then here we go...
Charles Swearingen
Breaking the Stigma with Mike Thelen
There’s an old stigma among the First Responder Community(Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, ER Staff) that basically says to bury your feelings, hide your thoughts and don’t talk about what’s bothering you. For years we’ve been taught that it’s just part of the job. We’ve been told to “Suck it up” and move on.
Mike Thelen

Community Public Experiences

Stacks and Stacks
You place your patient on mechancial ventilation. Everything is going fine, until you recieve a low minute ventilation alarm...
Charles Swearingen
GI Bleed in the ED
Go Bleed in the ED. How will you handle this patient?
Matthew Currin
RTS Difficult Airway
Task management strategies, including roles and task assignments, task monitoring, and task adaptability. Closed-loop communication, SBAR handovers, direct and explicit communications.
Matthew Currin
Big Fire-Chief Officer
Warehouse Fire. You are the chief.
Matthew Currin
Scene Size UP
Scene Size Up experience
VENT: 4 y/o with CHI
Your patient is a 4 y/o with a closed head injury. You decide to intubate the patient and they now require mechanical ventilation. Vitals: BP 120/66, HR 88, RR 34, SpO2 99, EtCO2 32.
Charles Swearingen
Sharing Experience and Knowledge
Decision Making Impacts Lives- this holds true to all First Responders.
Matthew Currin
My Worst Calls: Case 2
This is Case 2 on my "Worst Calls" list. Can you handle it better than I did?
Charles Swearingen
Welcome to the Grief & Depression Community on Convene
A support-community for those of us that have suffered or are currently suffering from grief and/or depression.. Support will be provided by us—sharing our experiences. Sometimes, it’s nice to know that there are others facing the same challenges.
Dan Turner
Dudes a Train Wreck
This was one of my worst calls of all time, and it was incredible to experience. I was a paramedic student doing a clinical ride along with the helicopter program.
Drug Calculations Made Easy
A tried and true method of performing drug calculations.
Dan Turner
Simple Assist-Control Ventilation
This experience covers basic AC Mode Ventilation.
Dan Turner
About Dan Turner’s Group
About Dan Turner.
Dan Turner
First Responders Pay
First responders work on average 24 hour shifts with 72 hours off. They run into buildings while others run out and save people in their moment of need. Yet they still only make on average $34,000 a year.
My Method of Growing My Affiliates List
How I built my affiliates list.
Dan Turner
My Method of Creating Experiences
A Method of Creating an Experience.
Dan Turner
My Method of Re-sizing Images
Dan Turner’s method of resizing a photo.
Dan Turner
Résumé - How to make yourself look good, but not TOO good.
Your résumé is supposed to make you look better... not worse, but also not too amazing. Learn how to create a résumé and impress your future employer!
Ali Arbuckle
Building Relationships in the Community
This experience demonstrates why building relationships in the community is important.
Dan Turner
Your Hurricane Preparedness Experience is Important!
Why sharing your hurricane preparedness is important.
Dan Turner
How First Responders Can Use Convene
How First Responders Can Use Convene
Dan Turner
Links to my Books
A place where readers can find links to purchase my books. Thank you for your support!
Dan Turner